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A camera-based perception platform that sees every 3D structure in the road from 10cm to 1000m, no matter what it is.

Clarity can see more, and see farther, 
so you can do more.

Clarity platform can see detailed 3D structure anywhere from 10cm to 1000m away. Clarity’s depth is measured, not inferred, and delivers more than 3x the range and 20x the detail-per-second of sensors avvialbe today.
Measured depth with more than 3x the range and 20x the detail-per-second of best-in-class systems available today.
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10cm - 1000+ Meter Range
Provides dependable near and long-range depth information required for machines to make proactive decisions as their environment changes.
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95 million points per second
Uses signal-processing to build a dense, 3D view of the surrounding environment — at 30 times a second.
So you can do more
Driver-assist to self-driving cars
Designed to accommodate a range of customer needs — functional, cost, and design. Leverages industry standard hardware and existing supply chains.
High-fidelity 3D structure, everywhere.
Light | PixelDepth™
Camera only
Uses existing auto-grade passive optics.
Domain independent
No inferencing used to derive depth. Works in any environment.
Based on optics and geometry. No infill or hallucination.
Signal processing
Provides accurate depth with probabilistic behavior.

Image and depth natively combined; no post-processing required.

Complete 3D visualization of the scene, for every element.

Accurately perceive distance and scale of objects from a small leaf to pedestrians, from roadway debris to cars and infrastructure.

Light | PixelCloud™

For every frame. Up to 30 times a second.

Real-world conditions. Real-world results.
Learn more about Light’s field testing and how you can test your own configuration of Clarity.
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One example of the Clarity in action
Reference Design goals
Range: 10 – 500+ meters
Horizontal field-of-view: 32º
Depth resolution: ~44 million points per second
Angular resolution: down to 0.02º
Reference Design DETAILS
Four off-the-shelf cameras with overlapping field of view, working together
Optimized for far-forward use cases
Full field-of-view depth for every frame
autonomous mini van with light logo on the side
Array Configuration
configuration diagram
Accommodates your requirements — even by vehicle model
Clarity’s combination of near and long-range depth, accuracy, and density will make the next generation of vehicles safer without having to compromise on cost, quality, or reliability.
Clarity Minimum Requirements:
2 cameras
Industry standard hardware sourced from your existing supply chain.
Light's hardware acceleration
Dedicated real-time processing in a silicon or as licensed IP.
Flexible design rules.
Optimize Clarity to fit your requirements: size, location, cost and performance.
car with field of view ahead and behind
Driver-assist features
truck with long range view ahead
Long-range, far-forward facing up to 1000+m
car with 360° view all around
360° coverage for complete situational awareness
Benefits by range
Enabled at Near Range
0 - 50 meters
• Adaptive suspension
• Incoming debris classification
• Lane keeping assistance
• Reverse automatic emergency braking
• Next-generation HD mapping
Enabled at Medium Range
50 - 450 meters
• Automatic emergency steering
• Active driving assistance
• Obstacle avoidance
• Cross traffic warning

Enabled at Long Range
450-1000 meters
• L4/L5 advanced path planning
• L2/L3 adaptive cruise control for trucking
• L1/L2 forward collision warning for trucking
• Extended vehicle-driver hand-off
Light | InDepth™
Be hands-on
Clarity enables a breakthrough in scene understanding. But don't take our word for it. We built InDepth Analyzer so Light's partners could assess Clarity data for themselves. Contact us if you are interested in evaluating Clarity using only a web browser.
SEE A DEMORequest Access
User interface of Light's depth mapping softwareScreenshot of light's depth mapping software in live viewscreenshot of light's depth mapping software in heat map view
11.4.2020 | 1:00pm ET
Light's Clarity™ Platform: A Breakthrough in Depth Perception for ADAS and autonomy.
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Clarity Partner Program
The Clarity Partner Program provides a limited number of participants access to Light’s groundbreaking perception platform.
limited spots open now!
Autonomous mini van with light logo on the side

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