The magic behind Light

It takes a big change to go small

Using a new approach to folded optics design, the Light L16 Camera packs DSLR quality into a slim and streamlined camera body. It's like having a camera body, zoom, and 3 fast prime lenses right in your pocket.

Enlightened photography

With 16 individual cameras, 10 of them firing simultaneously, the L16 captures the detail of your shot at multiple fixed focal lengths. Then the images are computationally fused to create an incredible high-quality final image with up to 52 megapixel resolution.

Nothing between you and the perfect shot

Light's friendly interface and large touch screen makes it easy to capture professional-looking photos on the go. And with on-board editing and built-in Wi-Fi, sharing to your favorite site is just a touch away.

  • Depth of field

    Using sophisticated depth-mapping technology, Light lets you adjust focus and depth of field even after a photo is taken, all the way to f/1.2.

  • Optical zoom

    With built-in, 35-150mm true optical zoom, you get right into the scene without fuzziness or pixelation.

  • Low-light

    Low-light conditions bring out the best in Light’s imaging engine. You get beautifully-lit photos, even as the day’s light starts to fade.

The story of Light

The founders share the inspiration and innovation behind the L16 camera's revolutionary design.